Blood Moon

by Nameless Coyote

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released September 27, 2015

~All instruments, vocals, writing, production, and art for Nameless Coyote is created exclusively by foxblood~



all rights reserved


Nameless Coyote San Francisco, California

Nameless Coyote is a one-man shoegaze project from the San Francisco bay area.

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Track Name: Crest Coyote
our hearts were bleeding
as all of the world was fleeting

let today slide back
into the darkness
born into the light
with the rising sun
dead once more
with that fat old moon rising
alone in love

under cerulean skies
did you ever wonder where you're from?
because everybody is alone
falling back
moon glow

our hearts were bleeding
as all of the world was fleeting
i rest in the sea of water
suspended as liquid
beneath the cosmic winds
across the plain
of the throbbing gristle of existence

or is it rebirth?
all in the circle of death
devil mountain
red shores
red shores
Track Name: Lilith
your melting carcass on my mantle
bones taste good in snow
devil take soul
Track Name: Blood Moon Genesis
water drips into the depths of hell
alien cetaceans will decompose to gold
with pyramids in your eyes
feed me your infinite souls
and i will show you true slaughter of the human heart
why don't you drink some bleach?

nothing is sacred
so i live in sin
nothing is sacred
put the nails in my palms
nothing is sacred
blood moon
Track Name: Pumpkinhead
have you ever stared into the eyes of a whale?
i know there is no light at the end of the tunnel
it is dark forever here
no one will be ever be loved here
i am alone forever
but i know that i'm clever
'cause in the end i will win
you can't get me again
i know rock n' roll
because i sold my soul to the devil
i dont give a fuck about anything
i'll do it again if it means i'll have weed

black magic on the back of a hill
deep in the woods where satan will kill
yeah i don't give a fuck about you or your problems
when i watch the water fill up your lungs
i will laugh because i'll know i won
everything i love is dead

matrix water will heal your soul
but diablo just wants to rock n' roll
you'll never take me alive
no, you'll never take me alive
Track Name: The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power
rotting fruit
drips into the cosmic eye
fuck your society
i have found inner peace
you and i
will transcend minds
october 17th
rise to the mountaintops

your eyes,
how they hurt me
i want to stand at
the highest peaks with you
and watch them drown

where is her past?
i want to be her future
eternal time

save her from the castle
save her from the castle
save her from the castle
lies alone

get high alone
get high alone
get high alone
Track Name: Eternal Sea
eternal sea
swallow me
eternal sea
into darkness

eternal sea
i can hear you
in my dreams
luna, i will not forget you

blood moon
weigh their souls
with dragonflies

eternal sea
swallow me
eternal sea
into darkness

blood moon
weigh their souls
with dragonflies

eternal sea
swallow me
eternal sea
into darkness

the me that will be me
will be born anew
in a moment
the moment of now
is all there will ever be
listen to songs without me
the moment is now until infinity
all is one
this is cosmic truth
i have dreamt of the darkness
time will wash all things
Track Name: Time Devourer
falling backwards in time
picture frames on the walls
rabbits having it all
all things will die in time
fuck every last human being
on this planet

drinking your tears
on the octopus eye
in the middle of your forehead
just tap into the matrix
everything i've ever loved
is dead now
Track Name: Antichrist Matrix
do you remember
that dream you had?
the moon was red
and the sea was mad
rabbit ears
nothing is complete
when i look up into you
i'm already dead
yet i am eternal
you'll find me
inside the pyramids
yet i am eternal
Track Name: The Ocean Floor Is the Only Place Where I Can Get True Rest
the ocean floor is the only place
where i can get true rest
i fucking hate every human on this planet
mother nature please forgive them
eternal time
ocean water in the mind of my backyard
Track Name: Jack-o-lantern
i will never conform to your slavery
worthless pig shit society
government abhors enlightenment
systematic defilement of free thought

burn useless scum called money
let the green in my lungs take me higher faith
still working that job fucking peasant?
still picking that cotton in the field?

carve the smile into the pumpkin
satan is the realm of unlimited self
false tiny god fears the eternal
slaves toil away for tiny god
oceans rise
new world order
Track Name: Moonchild
lilith moon
eternal eye
ever crawling
over black sky

another day
to die alone

lilith moon
eternal eye
ever crawling
over black sky

you are the one
i know i can trust
with my life
you are the one
and it makes peace